European Online Job Days


On 6 October, the largest European Job Day will bring jobseekers, employers and job mobility experts together in Brussels. Now for the first time, the event will also take place online allowing participants from across Europe to attend in a specially-optimised virtual environment.
Do you know jobseekers or employers interested in pan-European job mobility? Please help us to extend the opportunity to take part to as many people as possible and support a new model for matching jobseekers and employers across Europe!


When: 6 October 2012


Where: Brussels, Belgium and Online

What’s on offer?
•    Special focus on the growth areas of Green, Health Care and ICT jobs;
•    Live streaming of all presentations;
•    Online Question and Answer sessions;
•    One-on-one chats between jobseekers, employers and job mobility experts;
•    Job Corner with the latest vacancies from participating employers;
•    CV submission service; and,
•    Opportunity to follow and discuss all the topics on social media including a group on Green, Health Care and ICT jobs on LinkedIn.


What are European Job Days?
Spearheaded by the EURES network and the European Commission, the European Job Days are a unique pan-European job fairs. Designed to be as accessible to as many people as possible, they are free for both jobseekers and employers. Moving to an online event matters because of the innovative platform it offers to:
•    Enable employers to easily recruit skilled jobseekers from across Europe by providing a forum for interaction;
•    Facilitate the pan-European matching of jobseekers with employers by putting EURES Advisers in contact with suitable candidates; and,
•    Present intra-European job mobility as a real choice for Jobseekers with the right skills.

How you can help,
The EJD Brussels will be promoted across Europe through the EURES network and partner organisations and on EURES’ popular social media networks (where further news, information and discussions will also be on offer).
We would be very grateful if you could host news on EJD Brussels on your website, in external communications like newsletters and on your social media accounts. We can provide further material to help you do this including promotional texts targeted at jobseekers and employers, web banners, embed codes for the live streaming, relevant press material and content (videos and photos) from previous online European Job Days. We would also like to connect over social media.
You can access our web banners for the European Job Events here or please contact if you have any problems.
If you are interested in writing a news story, article or blog post on the EJD, we can provide further content and information and also help to arrange interviews with participating employers, jobseekers or organisers.
Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Many thanks and kind regards,
The European Job Days Team

What is EURES?
EURES is your job service wherever you are in Europe. The job placement service aims to facilitate mobility of workers within the 30 countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. EURES matches jobseekers with employers throughout this area. Partners providing the services include public employment services, trade unions and employer organisations. #
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